Merlion Park

Merlion Park

The Merlion is a modern symbol of Singapore, combining the lion of the Malay name Singapura (literally “lion city”) and the country’s roots as a fishing village. The icon was created as a marketing logo for the Singapore Tourism Board in the 1960s. The first merlion statue was unveiled in 1972. Now there are seven located around the island. Until recently, I had only seen the merlion at Merlion Park from a distance. I’d seen the giant merlion at Sentosa at Halloween time, but I’d yet to view the one at Merlion Park close up. While visiting Esplanade (“the durian”) for the a-z challenge, I walked across the bridge to see the merlion and found my topic for M. And yes, sure enough, dozens of people were posing with their head tilted back, to give the impression in the photo that the merlion is spraying water into the person’s mouth. There is also food and drink here and a mini merlion.

This post is part of the a-z challenge. My topic is food and sights of Singapore. 


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