Sundays in Singapore: SEA Games 2015

SEA Games Women's Diving finals

This Sunday we went out to watch the Women’s Diving Finals in the South East Asia (SEA) Games. This year Singapore is hosting the 28th SEA Games. The eleven South East Asian countries participate in the SEA Games every other year. The events can only be summed up as abridged summer Olympics. Sports competitions that are popular in Asia, such as swimming, diving, table tennis, and gymnastics, are held. More information about the events and results can be found here.

sea games 2015 women's diving sea games 2015 womens diving

Neither Jeremy nor I are sports fans, but we like these kinds of games. I only realized how incredible diving is during the 2012 Summer Olympics, but I knew I wanted to attend Diving after how much I enjoyed it then. The Malaysian team had an impressive showing.

sea games 2015 mens finals medal sea games 2015 womens diving medal

Malaysia pulled out the Gold Medal in both Men’s Individual and Women’s Synchronized Pairs. Singapore took Silver in both events. Indonesia won the Bronze in the Men’s; Thailand placed third for the Women.

SEA Games 2015 men's artistic gymnastics sea games 2015 men's gymnastics

We also saw the Men’s Artistic Gymnastics on Saturday. We missed seeing Singapore, as they competed in the morning, but we got to see Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Malaysia compete on the mat, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and horizontal bar.

sea games 2015 mens gymnastics sea games 2015 men's gymastics

Vietnam (left) and Thailand (right) were both incredible and they placed first and second, respectively. Singapore nabbed the bronze.

SEA Games 2015 men's gymnastics

SEA Games 2015 Men's Gymnastics

This is a very special event in Singapore as it has been 22 years since they have hosted the games. The next SEA Games will be held in 2017 in Malaysia.

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