Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Store at Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is the only theme park in Singapore, located at Resorts World Sentosa. I have written about a night out at Universal Studios Singapore before, but today I’m just providing a few additional photos of the park as part of the a-z challenge. Universal Studios Singapore is a small park divided into seven zones. The first two are Hollywood and New York, where you can find shops, dining and shows.

New York zone at Universal Studios Singapore

You will also find the Sesame Street gang in New York, along with their ride, Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase.

Sesame Street characters at Universal Studios Singapore

Ancient Egypt and Battlestar Galactica

Ancient Egypt and Sci-Fi City stand side by side, with Battlestar Galactica: Human versus Cylon being the theme for the dueling roller coasters that exist at other Universal Studios Parks. I don’t ride this type of coaster so I can’t give my impression of it. However, I do like the high speed Mummy ride in Ancient Egypt zone very much. The Transformers ride is similar to the Spiderman ride at Universal Orlando, but I think it is slightly better.

The Transformers ride at Universal Studios Singapore

Far Faw Away zone at Universal Studios Singapore

Far, Far Away zone is the home of Shrek and has the best theming, in my opinion. By that I mean that the attention to detail is on point and thoroughly worked into many aspects of the zone, not just the rides themselves. The Puss N Boots ride that opened last year is very nicely done, albeit quite a bit too short.

Puss N Boots ride at Universal Studios Singapore

Madagascar Ride Universal Studios Singapore

Finally, Madagascar and Lost World round out the park. Madagascar features a dark boat ride and a carousel while Lost World has a children’s flying ride, Jurassic Park Rapids, and the Canopy Flyer, which glides above the park, offering a great view.

Unfortunately, there are no Harry Potter attractions at Universal Studios Singapore and the existing themes seem pretty out-of-date to me. However, if you can get discounted tickets, I think it can be an enjoyable day.

This post is part of the a-z challenge. 



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